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Worldpop Article From November 2001

Who the hell are The Music?

A four-piece from Leeds who released their debut single Take The Long Road And Walk It through the funky Fierce Panda label in May of last year. With a stack of rapturous reviews and support slots for The Charlatans and Oasis already under their belts, this lot look likely to get tongues wagging and ears gagging before too long.

Listen out for:

The lead-track from the recently released EP, You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me. Quite apart from being the coolest song title in the world...ever, it's the most exciting noise you're likely to hear this year. But don't take our word for it - go and see if your head explodes when your ears connect with The Music for the first time.

Why all the fuss?

Well...apart from the fact that The Music sound like a game of musical Twister between Led Zeppelin and The Stooges, they are the first band to have emerged from these shores in a long time who have the requisite looks, hooks and kooks to distance them from the indie-schmindie competition.

The new:

Early Verve on a cocktail of psychedelic drugs and sleeping pills.

Can you believe?

The Music got their first big break when they won the Leeds Bright Young Things 2000 competition, which was judged by the king of cool, Bruno Brookes. 'He was well into us,' says guitarist Adam Nutter. 'But at the end of the day he's fucking Bruno Brookes, so who cares?'

They say:

'Music seems to have lost all sense of importance these days. It's all about marketing ploys and things like that. All that manufactured pop shite just cheapens everything about music. There's nothing for kids, especially of the disenfranchised generation, to relate to. A band for people to latch on to and say that they're theirs. The Music can hopefully do that,' explains Adam.

We say:

Whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll? Thank you for The Music, boys.

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