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Radio 1 Article From September 2002

Steve Lamacq interviews The Music and introduces tracks from their debut album.

Are you as mad in the studio as you are onstage?

'We try to be. It's hard because we're very much about vibes. You try to get into it in the studio as much as you are onstage.'

We should backtrack a little bit because it's 18 months since the first single. Is it a dizzy learning curve?

'It's a bit like taking off. It started off steady but now its starting to go up. I mean, we're headlining Brixton Academy in January and we were playing The Rocket.'

Are you in your own little world onstage? Because it looks like you are.

'People used to come along and say impress me, and you'd go into your own little world. But now, the crowd will react in a certain way and you will come out of it.'

Is that why you started, because you were creating something for yourselves?

'It's a kind of escapism. When you hear another record it takes you to another place.'

I think a lot of listeners feel exactly the same. You've probably identified something that was missing in British bands 18 months ago.

'You do it because you look around and all you want to do is something different.'

We should mention the album. When and where did you get to record it?

'We recorded it at Jacobs in Surrey. It's a big a old country house with a big back garden and a swimming pool.'

Is it the kind of place where they cook your food and do your laundry? 'They don't do your laundry but they make your food and it's incredible.'

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