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Who are they? Four beflared space cadets from Leeds on a mission to blow your mind and take you higher. Maaaan. The line up is Rob Harvey on vocals, Adam Nutter on guitar, Stuart Coleman on bass, and Phil Jordan on drums.

What do they sound like? Like the moon crashing into a desert on a windless night in the middle of the summer, with a howling coyote and a shaman waving a stick and spinning around in the background. Or, if you prefer, like Led Zeppelin, The Verve, The Doors and Happy Mondays having a fight.

Do they have any records out? Yes. And they all have the same cover. More or less. Go for their self-titled debut album out now on Hut.

What will the future bring? Richard Ashcroft will set the dogs on Robert Harvey and he’ll be torn limb from limb while an appreciative crowd bays for blood. Either that, or the band will play a mindblowing show at Brixton Academy.

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